FAISALABAD - The widow of Mohammad Fahim shot dead by US national Raymond Davis in Lahore committed suicide after consuming poisonous pills on Sunday. However, doctors refused to confirm her death, saying she was alive but in critical condition at ICU. But the relatives of Fahims widow, Shumaila Kanwal, told the media that she had expired. They said after the murder of Fahim, Shumaila came to her parents house at 189 RB Rasoolpur where she took poisonous pills. She was rushed to Allied Hospital. Doctors tried to save her life but she died. The family members alleged that Shumaila was kept at general ward for five hours and later when media flashed the news of her suicide attempt, the hospital authorities shifted her to the emergency ward where she died. Moments before her death when Shumaila regained her senses at hospital, she talked to media and burst into tears. She said her husband was innocent and she wanted justice. She said she attempted suicide because she believed that her husbands killer would be freed without trial. Agencies add: Shumaila said in a statement recorded by the doctor: I do not expect any justice from this government. That is why I want to kill myself. Shumaila also spoke to reporters after arriving at the hospital, saying I want blood for blood. The way my husband was shot, his killer should be shot in the same fashion, she said. The shootings by Raymond Davis have stoked anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, feelings that could be further inflamed by Shumailas death. Monitoring Desk adds: Shumaila breather her last on late Sunday night, reported private TV?channels.