KARACHI (Agencies) - Former PCB chief Shahriar Khan on Sunday said the bans imposed on the Pakistani trio were justified because of the serious nature of the crime, though the country's sports minister, Ajaz Jakhrani, has called on the ICC to review the five-year ban imposed on Aamer. "Yes, I feel sad for Aamir, but a wrong is a wrong. I think it is time the ICC took some action against corruption in cricket and I was expecting a much harsher punishment for the players. Khan said. Jakhrani told reporters in Islamabad that he was surprised by the "long" ban on the young pacer. "We think the ICC must review the ban on Aamir again because he is young and was influenced into doing things he might not have wanted to do," Jakhrani said. The minister said the bans on Salman Butt, Aamir and Asif would impact Pakistan's sports fraternity, though the ICC said it was convinced and took action under the laws. "But we think the punishment on Aamir is a bit too harsh and he should be given a chance to redeem and reform and make a comeback to cricket," he said. Khan said that the players now need to sit down and chart out their future plan of action as they have also been charged by London Metropolitan Police of corruption. "I don't know how they will manage things but what is interesting is that while the Crown Prosecution Office has called them on March 17.