LAHORE Stressing upon the Americans to support trial of Reymond Davis in Pakistani court even if he enjoyed immunity, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that it is in the interests of the US. Talking to the newsmen on Sunday after visiting the residences of three families whose near and dear ones lost their lives at the hands of Reymond Davis, he said if the US continued to influence the case, it would trigger Anti-America campaign of the intensity that no one could imagine. Fahim and Faizan were gunned down by Reymond while his accomplice crushed to death Obaidur Rehman. I wonder that how the government can allow the foreigners to move with weapons. In no other country it can happen. Even in the US, no foreigner can carry the weapon like Raymond Davis was doing in Lahore. Governments silence on this issue is really condemnable, Imran Khan said adding that justice should be provided to all the victim families without any further delay. He said killed youths were the only bread winners of their respective families and it was responsibility of the rulers to extend financial support. PTI will help the victim families and will also ensure full assistance to them, he added. Quoting the examples of Egypt and Tunisia, Imran said situation was no different in Pakistan and people could soon come out on roads. I can see the revolution and believe me that the PTI will bring that revolution in the country soon, he stressed. He said rulers have nothing to do with the country as their assets and families were abroad. To a question, he said PTI would lead the revolution to be spearheaded by young generation like in Egypt and Tunisia. Imran Khan said that he was the person that raised voice for Dr Aafia Siddiqui. He said how the rulers could allow Blackwater or foreigners to roam freely with sophisticated weapons at the time when innocent were being killed in the drone attacks, everybody was feeling insecure in the wake of growing law and order situation and terrorism. The government would have to mend its ways, he said.