The Jamaat-e-Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has held the government responsible for the death of the widow of Fahim, one of the young men shot dead by an American in broad day light here last week. In a statement here Monday, he said that the widow had embraced death after being disappointed of justice from the rulers who were keen to defend the killer instead of their own citizen, which he said, was most condemnable. He demanded trial of American Raymond Davis for four murders, and announced that the JI would hold protest against the continuing injustice. Meanwhile, the JI deputy Secretary General, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, also blamed the government for the widows suicide as she feared that the authorities would hand over the murderer- leader of the terrorists- to the US. Addressing a Seerat conference at Kingra, near Raiwind, he said if the Muslim Ummah could forge unity on safeguarding the Holy Prophets sanctity, the propagation of Islamic teachings and for enforcement of the Nizam e Mustafa, not only Pakistan but the whole world could become land of peace, and tranquility, justice and equality .