Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fs Chairman, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has hinted at not joining new cabinet and has said because of duplicity of ruling party, we are sitting on opposition benches. While announcing the JUI-Fs candidate for the by-election on Tanks provincial constituency (KP-69) here in Bitini House, he said unrest prevails among the nation pertaining to amendment in the blasphemy law. He said Sherry Rehman has verbally withdrawn the amended bill contrary to the fact that it has been submitted in National Assembly Secretariat. Pertaining to the issue of American citizen Raymond Davis, Maulana was of the view that circumstances are vague, as no one knows about his actual name, passport and even about his status whether he is a diplomat or not. He said initially federal and provincial governments kept blaming each other and now the pressure is shifted on the courts.