Speaking at Munich Security Conference, Afghan President Hamid Karzai again emphasised on security transition to Afghans. President Karzai is reported to have held side meetings with British Premier, David Cameron, and German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, to discuss Afghanistan and regional security issues as well as security transition to Afghan forces. President Karzai said the first phase of security transition would begin this year by March 21. "The first phase of transition will begin on the Afghan New Year, which starts on March 21," President Karzai said during the Munich Conference. German Prime Minister has agree to host a global conference on Afghanistan by the end of 2011. Participating leaders from around the world have discussed seurity and economic challenges, defence issues, and discussed how to resolve the middle east crisis. Political leaders and defence officials from over 350 countries had participated in Munich Security Conference, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, President Hamid Karzai, British Premier David Cameron, and Nato's Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Meanwhile, Russia's envoy at the Munich conference said on Saturday that the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan would pose a threat to Russia. Afghan forces are to undertake security resposibility by 2014 which is the final target year for foreign troops' withdrawal from the country. For the time being, Afghan army and police have 300,000 recruits and the number is expected to rise in the future. The Afghan Ministry of Interior said yesterday that 35000 police soldiers have been trained last year. There are currently 152,000 foreign troops deployed in Afghanistan around 100,000 of them American.