KARACHI (PPI) There is a dire need to set up more diagnostic and treatment facilities, especially in the rural areas to fight the growing cases of breast cancer, say experts. They regret awareness about cancer in Pakistan is dismally low, while at least 90000 new cases of breast cancers are being detected in the country and about 300000 women die of this disease every year. Prof Ahmed Usman, in-charge Cancer Ward at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) told PPI that growing number of cancer cases need a serious focus on this issue. He said awareness about cancer should not be limited to the world cancer day, but it should be raised round the year. He said during last year, the JPMC received 2300 new cancer cases, besides dealing with more than 40000 follow up cases of cancer. He revealed that females were more than 50percent of the new reported cancer cases. They mostly suffer from cancer of breast, ovary and colon. He said male patients mostly suffered from cancer of mouth, throat and nose. He said there are three cancer wards in the JPMC where free of cost treatment of patients is available. President of Child Aid Association and ex-director of National Institute of Child Health (NICH) Prof. Nizamul Hassan said during the year 2010, NICH witnessed 10percent rise in cancer cases amongst children. He said 357 children suffering from cancer reported the hospital, with their ages from one month to 14 years. He said 147 patients belong to Karachi, 190 to interior Sindh, 14 to Balochistan and 6 to other parts of the country. He said 50 per cent of these patients suffered from blood cancer, 16 per cent from cancer of glands, 11 per cent from eye cancer, 5 per cent from cancer of soft tissues, 3 per cent from cancer of kidneys, 2 per cent each from cancer of bones, 2 per cent from cancer of brain, and 6 per cent from cancers of other types. He said there is a dire need to raise awareness amongst parents and teachers about the cancer to save precious lives. In-charge of Breast Cancer Clinic of JPMC, Prof Saleem Soomro said last year 131 women suffering from breast cancer reported to the clinic. He said they conducted surgeries on 106 patients. He said it was observed that many breast cancer patients visit hospital when their cancer spread to whole breast, posing big problems for doctors. He said his clinic holds OPDs twice a week. He said some 80 patients visit every OPD and their number is swelling. He said women and girls should visit doctor when they find even a minor change or swelling on breast area. Prof Rufeena Soomro, in-charge Breast Cancer Department at Liaquat National Hospital says last year more than 500 breast cancer patients visited her facility and 350 of them faced surgical procedures. She said according to a report one woman out of every nine suffer from breast cancer. She said the breast cancer if not treated at earlier stages might prove fatal. Dr Habibur Rehman Soomro, ex-secretary general of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said the PMA has initiated a mobile mammography service in Karachi at a cost of Rs30million. He said this service is conducting 25 to 30 mammography reports daily. He urged the patients not to ignore breast cancer and consult doctor at earliest. Sindh Health Secretary Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi said the government-run teaching hospitals in the province are proving free of cost treatment to cancer patients.