With the constant hammering away of about every American you can see, it seems that Raymond Davis is going to be released. He should be, because he is receiving unprecedented treatment in police custody. It is perhaps too much to assume that the Punjab Police has lost its touch, but it has been said that all the physical remand has done is kept Davis in jail, where he is being treated according to law, which has some unreasoning prejudice against policemen being policemen when dealing with criminals. In other words, he isnt being beaten to within an inch of his life. However, it has also been heard that all the goodies that were brought to him saw a cut going to the guards. He is supposed to be guarded by inspectors and above. How can there be a gathering of so many pips without food going around? And that too provided by relatives. The thing about American society is that the police couldnt function. I mean, over here, if you want somebody, you just pick up his father, brothers and any relatives you can get, but over there, theyd probably be stuck with the fathers and brothers, and would have to beat them, and feed them too (what with other relatives not bothering to send their food) as the relatives on the outside would probably say they didnt care too much what happened to them. Of course, the police could only keep as many people as their police station held, because neighbours of any safe houses would probably organize a protest. Raymond Davis deserves letting off because in American eyes, he probably deserves letting off. After all, American mass murderers usually kill more than two people, and they seem to go to schools to do it. The War on Terror will be considered won when some Pakistani goes to a school, a gun in hand, which he will then use. And one thing to be noticed is that guns are not normally regarded as meant to kill people. Oh no, the firing is in the air, and meant to cow the victim, who is then beaten with the weapon butts. Davis should have remembered this. Just as we should remember how much aid the USA is giving us, so the three young men who were killed should be seen as a check placed on the population of the Third World. In fact, Raymond Davis should have been thought of as someone who did Pakistan a favour, and deserving of immediate release on that ground alone. Also, he is deserving of special privilege, since he is an American. We should also keep in mind the large number of Pakistanis in the USA against whom there could be action taken if Davis is not treated right. We must not forget the unspoken secret: the War on Terror is being fought so that the USA can send its Raymond Davises to Pakistan, arm them with Glock pistols, and turn them loose on the population. Thats better than having them at home, shooting up schools. We should, in these troubled times, export our DSPs to Egypt, where they are badly needed, by the Mubarak regime. It seems that the Egyptian protesters are as inexperienced as the police, or else there are no vehicles in Cairo. I mean, if there was a movement in Pakistan, the first thing protesters would do is burn tires. Now that presupposes the presence of enough vehicles for a thriving tire industry. Now the protesters in Cairo lack either the industry or the knowledge of what can be done. In short, they dont deserve freedom, but Raymond Davis. They might have Muhammad El-Baradei, but unless he eats organic food like Imran Khan, he has no chance of achieving power. Or else they deserve Indian occupation, with Pakistan going on strike on Saturday to mark solidarity with the Kashmiri people. This is a relatively new effort, but it was still started decades ago. It started at a time when the Kashmiris had just launched a new phase of their freedom struggle. This Solidarity Day has come around with a new generation, a new phase of the freedom struggle, and the Indians still in illegal occupation, but now with the big difference that, Under Musharraf, the military joined the peace-at-any-cost party. Another big difference is that we didnt enter World Cups with a ban slapped on our leading players. If our boys are indeed guilty, the malaise is deeper than just them, and they were just following the leaders of the game, like Australia, England and India, If they are innocent, theyve been railroaded to prevent Indians and Aussies, both of whom have a passion for gambling, being punished. However, this time around we have a secret weapon. No, I dont mean Ejaz Butt, but our President. The opportunities for making money are unrivalled. And as an added bonus, we even have a captain.