LAHORE In compliance with the orders of the DCO for timely arrival in offices, the 'vigilant and 'punctual heads of departments of the City District Government have started monitoring the timings of their subordinates, with serving of warning notices to the late comers. However the punctuality action is being taken by them only from their chambers and on tips-offs, the insiders informed TheNation. They further alleged that most department heads themselves are late comers and they, instead of improving own timings, were unjustifiably issuing warning notices to the subordinate staff. They are acting as they have no work to do and are playing a game just for the sack of enjoyment. They constantly chasing employees and monitoring the late comers but without moving from their offices instead of focusing the official work as hundreds of files already are pending with every department of CDG from months and some from years, the sources said and added that such pending files are proof of their own poor performance. In this regard, some employees, requesting anonymity, said that such officers were initiating actions against the subordinate staffs only and on the basis of the disinformation, provided by their blue-eyed officials who in fact are targeting their rivals in the departments by taking advantage of such orders from the higher authorities and are exploiting them just to realize them of their importance in the eyes of their seniors. The officers do not leave their seats. They do not visit sections of their departments. For the purpose, they have hired informers, who are also doing nothing like these bosses. For this vigilant performance, they get paid 'bonus regularly, they alleged. An official with the Health Department told this scribe that neither Executive District Officer Dr Omer Khan nor District Officer Dr Shabeer Ahmad visited the sections of their respective departments. They are serving disinformation-based warning notices only, he added. He said that on behalf of the EDO, Dr Shabeer was issuing notices on daily basis to almost all officials of the department as a hobby. In fact, the only duty the spy-cum-peons and clerks do is to monitor timings of the officials and inform their officers, he added. When this scribe tried to contact both the above-mentioned officers for their version, they were not available.