Shumaila Kanwal, widow of Fahim Shamshad killed in American shoot out in Lahore, was laid to rest in Chak Jhumra. A large number of locals attended the funerals of Shumaila Kanwal in her home town Adrri, Chak Jhumra whereas law and security agencies ensured strict security measures during the ceremonials. Punjab government reportedly deployed over 800 policemen at the scene, out of which 200 were disguised in civil clothes. On the other hand, Punjab Police registered the case in Chak Jhumra Police Station declaring Shumaila's death an accident. Family of slain Shumaila Kanwal said after her Rasm-e-qul in Lahore, they will announce the future plan pertaining to this. Shumaila Kanwal on Sunday told hospital doctors that she decided to commit suicide because progress pertaining to Fahim's killing was not progressing