SYRIAN documentary filmmaker Omar Amiralay died on Saturday night in Damascus at age 65 of a cerebral thrombosis. Omar Amiralay was born in Damascus 1944, graduated the film making department and since 1970 he works in documentary and realized many films lived and worked between France and Syria. The late director began his artistic career in1965 as a student at Berlin Conservatory, then between 1966 and 1967, he devoted himself to theatre studies at the International University of Theatre in Paris, Theatre of Sarah Bernhardt to join the Higher Institute of Cinema Studies at the University of Nanterre in 1968, later he pursued his academic studies at Cinematheque studies in Paris under the supervision of the renowned French director Jean-Pierre Melville. Amiralay returned to Syria eager to present his first documentary film about the traditional hand-made carpets industry in Syria. He contributed to the enrichment of documentary film experience in Syria through the establishment of the film club of Damascus 1974 - 1982 and the Union of Film Societies in Syria 1982 in collaboration with other Syrian directors. Through his 45 years rich cinema experience, Amiralay achieved more than 20 documentary films through which he was trying to address problems of contemporary Syrian society. DPN