LAHORE Despite the increase in temperature and change in weather, severe shortages of gas on Sunday hit both the domestic users and CNG stations in the provincial metropolis. Meanwhile, the residential and commercial areas on the Ferozepur Road, Multan Road, Band Road, Wahdat Road, and Green Town, and Township have been deprived of proper gas pressure since the start of the winter season as pressure was diverted to the industry. The company [SNGCL] has three months (December, January, February) of gas curtailment agreement with the industry, IPPs and some other GENCOs and during the said period, the SNGPL is bound to ensure smooth supply of gas to homes in its limits. Adding to this, the small commercial users of gas like hotels, bakeries etc., and CNG stations are on the second and the third priority list of gas supply during the said three months. But none of these consumers were provided gas smoothly during the last two and half months. The SNGPL has always claimed for preferring the right of domestic users at every cost, however, the ground situation remains always different, an official seeking anonymity claimed and said the gas on the cost of the domestic users was being diverted to the industry having influential owners. On the other side, the unavailability of gas at CNG stations on Monday and Tuesday is not only deprive the hundreds of workers at CNG stations from their daily livelihoods but it also create a mess to thousands of daily commuters who used city transport for their daily routine work. At the start of the winter, the company had announced two gas days in a week for CNG stations. Later, it increased the holidays to three days. However, the mounting pressure of the CNG Association pulled the company to reverse to earlier decision of two holydays. On rotational basis, the gas holidays in Lahore are being observed on Monday and Tuesday.