Kandhkot - Once there was a time when Guddu Thermal Colony was known as mini Islamabad due to its greenery, cleanliness , beautiful and wide roads and lights. Guddu Colony had been built over more than 550 acres of land on the right bank of River Indus near Guddu Barrage. It has four main gates and there are tight security arrangements as security personnel don't allow any person and vehicle in without snap checking.

Chief Engineer Guddu Power Tharmal also lives in this colony. The government has given a relief to its residents by supplying them free of cost electricity.  Apart from that, there is no loadshedding throughout the day.

But nowadays situation is very worse as compared to the past. Due to negligence of the concerned authorities, residents of the colony are facing many issues relating to cleanliness, drinking water, dilapidated roads and parks and poor sanitation.  The colony has four big and eight small gardens, which due to negligence of the concerned authorities now give a deserted look. It has been learnt from various sources that outsiders have also occupied the quarters with the help of officials and employees.  These are those employees who were allotted quarters, but they later rented them out to private personnel and didn't reside in those quarters.


Zaheer Hussain