WANT to shed those extra pounds? Then start dieting when youre 28, suggests a new study. According to a new research, the most successful dieters are those who start slimming at the age of 28. Women in their late twenties shed flab faster because they have more time and willpower than those of other ages, says the study of 3,000 women aged over 30. Twenty-somethings are also more concerned about their weight and so remain focused on their weight loss goals. On the other hand, those in their thirties are often too busy to watch their weight while many in their forties and fifties have simply 'lost interest in getting the perfect body. With women getting married later than ever, many 28-year-old females will be single, on the dating scene and leading an active social life, which may explain why they are so successful at healthy eating and maintaining a good figure, the Daily Mail quoted Sue Beck, of Lambrini Light, which carried out the research, as saying. toi