LAHORE Tehrike Hurmate Rasool (SAW) has held the government responsible for the murder of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer in the context that the government failed to take note of the statements of the deceased about pardoning the condemned prisoner, Aasia Bibi, on blasphemy charges. Convenor of the Tehrik, Maulana Ameer Hamza Thursday said the deceased governor repeatedly named the President to seek pardon for Aasia when the fact was that the Court of the country had convicted her and she had other judicial forums for appeal on her conviction and the Governor repeatedly wanted her pardon bypassing all that. He said the government kept a silence on all that which was the root cause of the murder. Hamza said the Blasphemy law could neither be amended in any form nor repealed nor permission could be given to debate the same at any forum. Respect to the Holy Prophet (SAW), he said, is the part of faith of every Muslim therefore no compromise can be made on it. He advised the government to withdraw immediately the bill presented by PPP MNA Sherry Rahman in the National Assembly to seek modification in the Blasphemy law and clearly explain its position on the issue. Hamza praised the ulema who refused to lead the funeral prayer of Salmaan Taseer and said by that act they demonstrated their religious honour and love for the Holy Prophet (SAW). He also urged the Court to decide the case of Mumtaz Hussain Qadri according to the Islamic law and keeping in view the faith of the Muslim on the point he committed the murder. Addressing the Western media over condemning the murder, he posed a query that why the Western states remained quiet when the blasphemy was committed in different parts of the world.