We are pleased to enclose herewith the result of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan Superior Qualification (ISQ) Examination Winter 2010, held in November 2010, duly approved by the IBP Council headed by Governor State Bank of Pakistan. ISQ is a continuous route to professional development. The examination was held at 20 domestic and 03 international centre simultaneously. A total of 3,024 candidates from banks and financial institutions appeared for the examination. Of them 710 were able to clear various stages. A total of 1 66 candidates completed Junior Associateship of IBP (JAIBP) increasing the total to 688 since 2006 when ISQ system was introduced. The overall pass percentage was 24% which is in line with the previous years results. Seven candidates qualified for the award of Associateship (AIBP), the next higher qualification, which brings the total of AIBPs to 28. Interestingly, 48% candidates who appeared for the ISQ examinations were MBAs whereas 12% were Master Degree holders. Others who appeared in the examination were either CAs. ACMA or simple graduates.