THE next release of Windows will be able to run on chips usually found in mobile phones. A desktop version of Windows 7 was shown working with three processors built around designs from UK firm Arm. The demonstration is significant because before now Windows was closely connected with Intel-designed chips. The announcement formed part of a keynote speech by Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer that opened the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In his speech, Mr Ballmer said the next version of Windows, likely to be Windows 8, would support what he called systems on a chip (SOC). These are widely used in mobiles and other portable computers and collapse the discrete chip components in desktops used to handle graphics and data into a single package. In this way they reduce the power needed to keep a device working and boost battery life. About 80% of all mobiles, including Apples iPhone 4, are built around SOCs made from Arm designs. In recent months chip giants Intel and AMD have been working hard to turn the chips used in desktop PCs in to SOCs that can work in smaller devices. bbc