ISLAMABAD - After Allama Tahirul Qadri's ultimatum, Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain's warning shot of launching a political drone attack within 72 hours has left all and sundry guessing about his plan, which he has not even shared with the members of inner core Rabita Committee of his party.

Nobody knows what is in the mind of MQM chief but for one thing political observers are sure that his statement has put another layer of confusion on already perplexed political situation in the country.

Commenting on his statement political observers said only the MQM chief knew about his plans as he was keeping his cards close to his chest and not even dropped a hint to the members of his inner core party leadership leaving them guessing various possibilities in the given scenario.

Some political analysts termed it a smart move on part of MQM chief as he was successful in further confusing the things on political horizon of the country and in a way mounted pressure on the government already under tremendous pressure due to Qadri's long march plan.

By saying that MQM activists should join Qadri's long march, Altaf has expressed intention of his party's parting ways with the Pakistan People's Party in coming days.

This also showed in clear terms that Rehman Malik had failed to bring Altaf around in his recent meeting with MQM Quaid in London. So political analysts are expecting a break-up of the PPP-MQM alliance in coming days.

Some insiders in PPP said that over the past couple of months the relations of ruling PPP with its junior coalition partner MQM were witnessing the declining trend and the latter considered that PPP leadership was not sincere in keeping its words on a number of promises made with them and saw the future of alliance between the two quite bleak.

Political analysts said that the fallout of the 'political drone attack' would be judged when it would be executed by MQM chief Altaf Hussain, but right now the move has supplemented the pressure of Qadri's long march on both the Federal and Punjab governments.

Political analysts said that MQM would most likely part ways with government as sitting on opposition benches in Sindh Assembly would be more fruitful for them. It would be able to play a key role as opposition in formation of a caretaker setup.

Being part of the government they would be again completely depending on the PPP in formation of a caretaker setup while in opposition, holding the slot of Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly, they would be enjoying parity with PPP in formation of caretaker setup.

Commenting on the possible moves by MQM chief, political analysts said that Altaf could announce breakup with government. He could announce the date of his return to the country to lead the party in upcoming elections, they added.

Previously the Rabita Committee of the party on a number of occasions had stalled the plan of party's chief to return back but now Altaf could give some definite date of his return to the country in defiance to the Rabita Committee's persistent opposition to his return.

Taking the plea of appearing before the Supreme Court of Pakistan in contempt of court case against him, MQM chief could land back in the country.

Some political observers said that MQM chief could even announce his dissociation from active politics and could appoint someone else in his place to run the affairs of the party.