LAHORE – Though the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) believes that visa firm owner Asim Malik flown into Dubai, the LHC has rejected this excuse and insisted on arrest of the alleged swindler, sources say.

Malik Asim has been facing the charges of swindling people of millions of rupees on the pretext of sending them abroad for a better future.

An FIA officer said, “We are sure that Asim is in Dubai as he phoned one of his friends in Pakistan but the court is demanding proof of his escape.”  He said the Federal Investigation Agency made a request to Asim’s friend to appear in court and record his statement but was reluctant to do so.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) during previous hearing expressed displeasure at the agency inability to nick Asim. Lahore Federal Investigation Agency Director Waqar Haider, who appeared before the court with members of the joint investigation team, said the lawmen raided Asim’s hideouts but to no avail.