PESHAWAR  - The government is utilising all available resources to end the deprivation of masses by providing all basic amenities of life to them at their doorsteps, Federal Minister for Communications, Dr Arbab Alamgir Khan said on Sunday.

“We are committed to ending the deprivation of masses by utilising all available resources for their betterment. However, time is required to address the huge problems inherited by the government from the past,” he said while addressing public gathering here in his home constituency.

He said the government was well aware of the problems being faced by people and time is required to solve the problems inherited from the past. The Minister said Quaid e Awam Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed believed on power of people, democracy and urged people to work hard to complete his mission to make Pakistan a dynamic and progressive muslim welfare state among comity of nations.

He said Bhutto was the name of ideology and symbol of democratic struggle.  He said Benazir Bhutto Shaheed had laid down her life for democracy and rights of people and never compromised on principles like his brave father.

Dr Alamgir Khan said our leadership had given unprecedented sacrifices for rights of people and the country and PPP will continue to carry forward their mission.

He said some elements again come out with catchy slogans to grab attention of people, however, he said in presence of free media people would foil their anti political designs and will support PPP.

He said Constitution of 1973 was restored, BISP programme was underway and identity were given to Pakhtoons besides provincial autonomy to federating units.

He said PPP was symbol of federal with strong roots in masses and will emerge victorious in upcoming elections. He said election would be held on time and urged masses to elect honest and upright leaderships. Later, the Minister openly met with people.