BAHAWALPUR - Tehrik-i-Minhajul Quran Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said on Sunday that he did not want derailment of democracy nor delay in elections rather the long march was aimed at putting the derailed democracy on the track.

“January 14, 2013 will always be remembered in the history of Pakistan. No one can stop the way of change in the country because the masses are with me and no one can compete with the public power. Honest, strong and unbiased government should be established. The present election system is the main cause behind all the problems,” said Dr Qadri while addressing the party workers through video conferencing. “Every Pakistani should play his role for the prosperity of Pakistan. We must prefer national interests to our personal ones to save the country.”

The religious leader-cum-politician said, “We should start the struggle for saving Pakistan without wasting further time. If this positive attitude becomes a part of our lives, Pakistan will become the Pakistan of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA). By doing this, we all will restore our lost dignity and respect in the world.”

He said that the day would write a new chapter in the history for the elimination of corruption and the ineffective election system. He said, “All the parties will take benefits of the reforms we want to enforce in the election system of Pakistan. The New Year will open new door to happiness and prosperity for the nation. Our long march will be totally peaceful and we hope that we will get all our demands accepted peacefully.

He said that for stable Pakistan the Pakistanis had to bring patience in our attitude and ensure stability of the national institutions on priority bases through the individual and joint efforts. “We should make it the mission of our lives. The current election system is the root cause of all the problems and the nation should start struggle in a democratic way for the elimination of the system. The parliament has never allowed the Election Commission to be independent,” he added.

“On January 14,” he claimed, “there will be the biggest public gathering in front of the parliament. We never talked about the change in line with Egypt’s. I am talking about the Model of Pakistan which will become a role model for whole world.”