ISLAMABAD  – Most of private hospitals located in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi lack basic facilities to handle general surgeries, post-operation infections and even possible complications due to the dearth of qualified staff.

A survey conducted by APP found that majority of private hospitals do not have essential equipments like CT scans, incubators, ventilators, ICU, CCU wards and sufficient strength of doctors to handle general surgeries.

During a visit of private hospitals, people from different walks of life showed their deep resentment over the poor performance of private hospitals.

Kashif Ali, a teacher said before going to a private hospital, a person should keep huge money in his pocket. Hospital management irritate both patients and attendants by asking them to fulfil various formalities but services are not upto the standard.

There is no check on the performance of private hospitals. The hospitals are presenting even a worst picture where the poor are dying in agony as no-one is taking care of them, said a patient at private hospital. Kamal Ahsan, an employee of a private firm, said the doctors being engaged in various hospitals come just minutes before operations and take a cursory look at the patients history and decide for surgery without much study of the case and physical condition of the patient and left the patient at the mercy of nurses after surgery.

Showing deep concern, people urged the government to take concrete steps to avoid untoward incidents in future by evolving a clear-cut policy to deal with private hospitals.

When contacted an official of Private hospital, he said that despite patients burden, adequate steps have been taken to facilitate maximum number of patients who come from far-flung areas of the country.

He said despite limited resources, the hospital administration is doing its level best to provide adequate medical services to the patients.