ISLAMABAD - Public transport plying on various routes from Rawalpindi to Islamabad has increased fares without any official notification, taking the plea of non-availability of CNG.

A large number of people commute between Rawalpindi and Islamabad on public transport and the unannounced increase in fares will add to their woes. Transporters are thus using the absence of CNG as their biggest excuse to self raising the ‘already too high’ fares and totally ignoring the fare list.

The literally ‘looting exercise’ is going unchecked by any of the concerned authority who have turned deaf ears on the matter which is further encouraging transporters to do what they want to do.

The more pathetic situation arises during the office times when transporters filter passengers and only give space to those who travel nearby destinations.

Muhammad Shahbaz Khan, a passenger waiting for a van at Rehmanabad stop told APP that it is a routine practice that transporters do not give him seat from Rehmanabad to Secretariat and vice versa.

“I am a government employee and have to travel between the two cities every day. Conductors do not let me in the van because I have to go to Islamabad and in the afternoon same again,” he complained. He said the transporters clearly violate route and get fare twice which is unfair and unjust.

Another passenger, with the same complaint, said that violation of route and demanding extra money from passengers is not a new story in the twin cities but the issue has become a problem in these days.

“Taking plea of non-availability of CNG, transporters are demanding extra fares openly saying that they have no saving while running their vehicles on petrol,” he remarked. He was of the view that the shortage of CNG and petrol is nothing but a stunt and artificial, demanding the concerned sections to take effective and durable actions to curb it.

Bilal Asad, a students said that he is also facing the same difficulties after re-opening of educational institutions. He said his parents could not afford to pay such high transport fares daily and he will not go to his institution until CNG supply is restored.

It is pertinent to mention here that many public transport vehicles have disappeared from the roads while transporters of the remaining are charging double rates on the pretext that they have to purchase petrol or diesel alternative fuel at high rates.

Commuters are constantly complaining about all public transport, including wagons, buses and taxis who have raised fares on different routes and are overcharging passengers due to suspension of CNG.