ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Monday informed the National Assembly that Pakistan would not become part of any regional conflict in the current scenario.

“We (Pakistan) will not be part of any conflict but are ready to play our part for the peace in the region,” said Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, giving a policy statement on the current situation in the region.

Minister was of the view that the situation could further create instability in Middle East’s war-torn countries and also it lead to high-profile assassinations in the region.

“The incident which killed the Iranian commander would have far-reaching effects in the region and beyond the region and could also jeopardise the Afghanistan’s peace process,” he feared. “We are keenly monitoring the situation as a task force has been formed to watch it,” he said, mentioning that Pakistan has never been in favour of use of force. Neither the incumbent government has compromised country’s sovereignty nor it would do so in future, he said.

Minister said India might make an attempt to exploit the situation in current situation. He made it clear that Pakistan would not allow its soil to be used against any neighbouring country.  “We will not be part of any conflict but are ready to take every effort for peace in the region,” he said.

Qureshi said that Pakistan has also asked the United States to play its role for de-escalation saying the situation was still fluid and it could not be said as to what would happen tomorrow.

“The senior officials are consistently monitoring the situation,” he said maintain that Pakistan would give priority to its interests.

Responding to the concerns raised by opposition, he said soon after attack on the Qasim Sulemani, he talked to leaders of Muslim countries. “I made first telephone call to the Iranian foreign minister and conveyed his concerns and emotions of Pakistani people to him,” he said, adding that Pakistan has also approached the United Nations calling upon the forum to play its due role to de-escalate tension arising out of January 3 action.

Qureshi said Pakistan wanted a respectable way out while keeping in the view national interests.

“Instability is not in our interests, we are against use of force and unilateral and believe in diplomatic engagement and de-escalation,” he said adding all the issues should be resolved as per international laws.

He criticised PML-N’s parliamentary leaders for point scoring on an important issue. He said PTI’s government has affectively raised the matter of Kashmir.

PML-N parliamentary leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif initiating debate in the house on point of order said incumbent government should not lose friends at expense of relations with other countries. He said Pakistan’s foreign policy should be based on relations with regional countries regretting country’s foreign policy is deprived of any direction.

Former minister for foreign affairs said the opposition parties have no objections on relations with the United States.

“There should be relation without compromising on national interests and sovereignty,” he said, mentioning that Pakistan should take a bold stand in current situation and should not be blackmailed by any other country.

He also accused that the future of CPEC was also uncertain once the incumbent government assumed power. About the killing of the Iranian General, he termed it a big tragedy. He questioned as to why the government was afraid of calling Qasim Sulemani as ‘Shaheed’. He was of the view that that situation emerging out of US attack was also an alarming bell for Pakistan.

The rest of opposition parties staged walkout from the proceedings. They said minister for foreign affairs should remain in the house to listen the point of opposition.

“We have listened your speech for over an hour. I failed to understand your policy statement,” said Former Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz and walked out in protest along party colleagues and PML-N lawmakers.