LOS ANGELES-Raye has vowed to release her debut album soon. The 21-year-old British star has admitted she will ‘’go insane’’ if she doesn’t put out her first record as she has so much material waiting to be unleashed.

The ‘You Don’t Know Me’ hitmaker told the Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column: ‘’We’ve got loads of new songs for 2020.

The songwriter has certainly been kept busy, with her track ‘Bigger’ featuring on Beyonce’s ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ album.

And Raye has also been working with the R&B superstar on her next project.

The ‘Decline’ star teased last year: ‘’It is top secret with big artists. But I really, really loved her team and the whole vibe and, yeah, we are definitely working together on some new things.

‘’But there’s nothing much more I can really say, obviously.

‘’Her team is phenomenal. Beyonce is such an icon and she’s just so normal and lovely.’’

Meanwhile, Raye is also planning to start acting soon, and she is dreaming big, with aspirations to star in ‘’a big Hollywood movie’’ in the future.

The ‘Please Don’t Touch’ singer said recently: ‘’I am planning on starting an acting career soon but I need to put the shifts in first, I’ve got to learn the craft.

‘’I studied music and a bit of contemporary dance, so I’ve never taken an acting class or anything but I’ve always adored acting.