Islamabad - Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan on Saturday initiated a 3-month campaign against illegal advertisement of medicines on electronic and print media, officials told The Nation. Officials said that the DRAP had issued a letter to all its departments in provinces and the capital to take action against illegal advertisement of medicines on media.

Officials added that the action had been taken for safety of public health as a number of unhealthy products were being advertised on media illegally.

The DRAP order also said that doctors’ offers on media for treatment of diseases were also against the law. It said that different media forums had become source of promoting unregistered products in the country and misguiding patients.  It also said that the advertisements on signboards installed along with national highways were also providing falsified information to the general public only for commercial benefits.  The orders also said that some of the advertisers and doctors were even promoting the medicines which were prohibited in the country, which was serious violation of rules.

The DRAP in its order directed drugs inspectors to take action against such advertisements and submit their reports to offices in first 15 days of the month.  The copy of the letter available with The Nation said that ‘promotion of therapeutic goods in electronic and print media is being carried out through illegal advertisements, which is a serious concern for safety of public health’.

It is noticed that illegal advertisements on electronic media about therapeutic goods are aired; some doctors are also offering treatment of diseases through electronic media which is against the law, said the letter.

It also stated that print media like newspapers (Urdu and English), magazines, broachers, pamphlets and handouts are continuously patronising the trend of illegal advertisements on therapeutic good, internet, social media, text messages and emails have become another source of promoting products registered or messages and emails have become another source of promoting products registered or unregistered and falsified products without any approval.