Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik has said the video shown yesterday by PML (N) leader Maryam Safdar at a news conference is fake and assumptive.

Explaining his position on the video attributed to him, he said it is contrary to facts.

He said the news conference was aimed at making his decisions controversial and to achieve political motives. 

He said legal action should be taken action the elements behind this video.

Judge Arshad Malik clarified that the conversation that took place on different occasions was presented out of context.

The judge said that it is important to bring the truth to the fore following the news conference of Maryam Safdar.

He said that he was offered bribe many times when he was hearing cases against Nawaz Sharif and his family members.  He said that he was also threatened with dire consequences in case of noncooperation.

However, he strongly rejected those threats and stayed on the righteous path with firm conviction. 

He said had he given verdict under any pressure or greed, he would not have announced conviction in one case and acquittal in the other. 

He pointed out that he acquitted Nawaz Sharif in Flagship and convicted him in Al-Aziziya case on the basis of evidence

The judge also made it clear that there was no pressure of any sort whilst handing down the judgments against the corruption references against Nawaz Sharif.