LAHORE   -   Speakers at a ceremony have paid tribute to Razia Bano who recently retired after serving as a nurse at Lahore General Hospital for 41 years. They urged the nurses to follow footsteps of Razia Banoa who devoted her life for the noble profession while herself fighting against cancer. Nursing College of LGH arranged the farewell ceremony for Razia Bano.  Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof Mohammad Tayyab, Controller Nursing Punjab Sajida Zahoor, Medical Superintendent LGH Dr Mahmood Salahudin and Ex-Principal Nursing College Ishrat Ishaq said that there was no alternate of best education, hard work and professional expertise. They said that senior doctors and nurses were role model for their juniors. They appreciated the contribution of Razia Bano. They stressed upon the need of focusing on research for own career growth and for improving the service delivery.

Sajida Zahoor said that without the promotion of nursing the medical sector cannot flourish. She said that in spite of being the patient of cancer Ms Razia Bano did not give up and continues her devotion and service and played her best role in controlling dengue and measles at that time. She expressed hope that the students of Razia Bano would follow her footsteps and work with full zeal and fervor for the best service of the ailing humanity. She called upon nurses not to sit at home after getting diplomas and come in the practical field. She suggested that nurses should spend some of their income on further education and continue to improve their professional capabilities. She highlighted that present government has declared 2019 the year of nurses and all out efforts would be made to provide best possible help to the nursing community.