One wonders why don't the Americans understand the reasons for which the USA is hated by the Muslims all over the world despite the fact that they dish out billions of dollars in aid or assistance to them. With other nations also feeling the pinch, the opposition to American policies and attitudes is growing day by day. The reason, which I can think of is that the USA wants to rule the world through power and dominance rather than winning over the hearts of people. The issues destroying the world peace and causing dissention among the people are pretty well known. The most important issue is the USA's overwhelmingly blind support for its 'Lady love Israel' and her destructive policies. The unjustifiable American support has turned a pigmy Israel into a giant making the life miserable for its neighboring Palestine and other Muslim countries of the region. Unfortunately the other major countries of the world as well as the erstwhile UNO also tow the American line in this regard. Laced with the most sophisticated American armaments from head to toe and granted complete freedom of action, Israel launches land and air attacks on the poor Palestinians whenever it likes, killing scores of people and destroying vital installations without facing a rebuff. Only a few months back a gang of Israeli terrorists crossed over into the UAE on fake passports, killed a Hamas leader and returned safe and sound. The UNO having become a slave of the USA just acted as a silent spectator. It is absolutely flabbergasting that the people of USA who claim to be the most advanced and highly educated are grossly subservient to the stupid policies of its leaders.-RAFI NASIM, Lahore, June 1.