LAHORE (PR) - The inaugural ceremony of The Family Lounge, a new dinning facility, was held here at Royal Palm the other day. The ceremony was performed by General Manager Royal Palm, Omer Mir in the presence of a large number of members and their families. This new dinning facility which has a blooming, glowing, fresh and stylish decor amply triggers a vibrant zest for excellent cuisine. And to meet that there exists a wide-ranging menu that includes healthy nourishing salads, selection of Pakistani dishes and exotic and sinfully rich desserts. The food lovers can expect to be dazzled by the sublime servings starting from starters like sesame chicken and cheese croquettes through the soup kettle, pizza and pasta varieties to the calorie corner, the forever popular sizzlers and not to overlook the grill area which is full of a complete and comprehensive range with the list crossing the 75 mark. Trained chefs are there to ensure delight to the palate of all ages and noticeable is the quality of chinaware and silverware. Furniture is semi casual and enough lounge seating is there with beautiful chandlier goes with the acqua colors.