RAWALPINDI - Anti-Corruption Department (ACD) Rawalpindi Region officials are using lame excuses and delaying tactics to arrest the accused who along with their top bosses embezzled huge amount of tax money of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Potohar Town collected during the year of 2008-09. A case number 19/09, on the application of former Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) Malik Mumtaz Ahmed was submitted in 2008 accusing one of his own deputed recovery officers Mirza Abdul Hameed and his team of collecting tax on bogus receipts on behalf of TMA, was registered by ACD Rawalpindi Region on 10/6/09. ACD Rawalpindi Region officials after conducting a year long inquiry held guilty six persons including Assistant Tax Superintendent (ATS) Raja Qadoos, Inspector Tasleem ul Islam, recovery officer Mirza Hameed, Inspector Mukhtar Ali and two private persons Abdul Sittar and Raja Waheed. Now ACD officials have mixed up with the real culprits who pocketed all the tax money including TMA former Tehsil Officer (TO) Finance Chaudhry Saleem, Superintendent Finance Mumtaz Kiyani, Inspector Pervez Maseeh and Clerk Ch Khalil and providing them a safe passage, well placed sources in TMA and ACD revealed to TheNation here on Sunday. The mastermind of this scam former TMO Malik Mumtaz, now a days in Lahore, has saved his skin by tendering an application against Mirza Hameed with ACD making himself an applicant of the case in his capacity of TMO after pocketing all the tax money with his team, sources said. ACD high ups after year long interrogation held responsible the aforementioned six persons guilty of collecting tax on bogus slips. The four persons were arrested by ACD on the charges of TMA tax money scam were sent on judicial remand to Adyala Jail by Duty Magistrate Yasir Hussain Gadhi on Sunday. Whereas the remaining two ATS Assistant Tax Superintendent (ATS) Raja Qadoos and Inspectors Tasleem ul Islam are still at large. Both the officials are the men of TMO Malik Mumtaz and TO Finance Ch Salim and were implicated in the case in a bid to give the whole picture a glimpse of truth. Both Qadoos and Tasleem were promised by TMO and TO Finance of a safe passage once the four were arrested, sources added. It has proved during a year long detailed interrogation conducted by ACD Rawalpindi Region officials that the four persons were not guilty, sources said adding that it was quite amazing that ACD officials had given superfluous relaxation to the real culprits including TMA former Tehsil Officer (TO) Finance Chaudhry Saleem, Superintendent Finance Mumtaz Kiyani, Assistant Tax Superintendent (ATS) Raja Qadoos, Inspector Pervez Maseh and Clerk Ch Khalil by mentioning their role in the case will be ascertained during investigation in the findings of the inquiry report. Our investigation is still under process and we are looking into all aspects of the case before arresting anybody. We cannot do things hastily in this matter and we are busy collecting evidence pertaining to this FIR. Justice will be provided to innocent while culprits will be sent to court of law, said DG ACD Amin Khatak while talking to this scribe.