FEROZEWALA - About 60 feet wide breach is stated to have developed in BRB Canal near village Sidhanwali on Kala Khatai Road, causing huge damage to crops and mud houses on Sunday. The residents of the area said that bank, where breach occurred, was in deteriorated condition since long but the irrigation department did not pay heed to the public complaints. Talking to the newsmen, former UC Nazim Ch Hanif blamed that standing crops worth in million of rupees had been destroyed. The canal water also entered the houses and damaged them badly. PASSENGERS LOOTED Four unidentified highway robbers have deprived dozen of passengers of their valuables near here. The sources said that a Narowal bound wagon was on way when the bandits intercepted it and snatched thousands of rupees in cash and valuables from travellers. Muridke Sadr Police have started investigation.