The storming of terrorist in Jinnah hospital Lahore is not a breach of security, it is in fact an absolute failure. What is more concerning is that the terrorists came in disguise of policemen in a car which had government number plate and which is why they were not intercepted at the gates. The GHQ attack last year was on the same lines when the terrorist wore uniforms and caught the guards by surprise. The point to ponder upon is that one can see such uniforms widely available in our markets and anyone can purchase them. These uniforms need to be marked and public vendors should not have accesses to them. It is often observed that government vehicles are not intercepted at security check points. This practice needs to end as terrorists are able to identify the loopholes and they use it to their benefits. It is essential that the intelligence sharing between the locals and the agencies is improved.-AHMED ALI, Islamabad, June 4.