ISLAMABAD (Online) - The Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) has clarified that neither land of any Gurdwara was given for the development nor it was sold but alleged that Federal Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti has started to blackmail the ETPB by adopting negative tactics for minting money. According to sources, the Ministry for Minorities Affairs launched a campaign based on prejudice against ETPB Chairman Asif Hashmi. Sources said that the Federal Minister and Joint Secretary also started a campaign to defame Pakistan by conveying baseless news items to India that include the selling of Mandir and Gurdwara. Shahbaz Bhatti started the opposition against Asif Hashmi when the later, refused to purchase a guest house at a cost of Rs 170 million, which actually had the price of Rs 100 million. The Federal Minister later expressed his desire to buy two new Land Cruisers but Asif Hashmi refused. On these two reasons, Shahbaz Bhatti started the opposition against Asif Hashmi and even damaged Pakistans interests. The budget of fiscal year 2009-10, which was approved by the Evacuee Trust Property Board in the presence of a secretary was also stopped. It is noted that the Auditor General Report which was presented before Public Accounts Committee (PAC) did not raise any objection against the Board, reflecting that Syed Asif Hashmi was running matters in a transparent manner and was appreciated by PAC. According to sources, the board several times clarified that under Rule 138 of Act 1925, the land of Gurdwara cannot be given to anyone for the development and it also cannot be sold but baseless allegations continued.