Federation had said NRO was a legitimate law and Swiss cases could not be reopened against President Asif Ali Zardari, therefore, the verdict delivered in this respect be reviewed. This was stated in a written reply filed by government lawyer barrister Kamal Azfar in Supreme Court (SC) here Monday in connection with NRO review case. It was stated in the written reply containing 300-page that the decision about asking Swiss Authorities for reopening cases against Asif Ali Zardari be reviewed. The letter sent by former Attorney General (AG) Malik Qayyum for quashing cases was correct. No case in respect of president Asif Ali Zardari was pending with Swiss authorities. The reply further said any attempt to contact Swiss authorities again in this respect would be an exercise in futility as Pakistan laws were restricted within the country and they were not applicable in other countries. The sentence announced in absentia was in conflict with article-10 of the constitution and this principal had already been enunciated by SC in Mumtaz Shah case in 2007 under which a convict could not be re-convicted and again sentenced in the same case. The SC decision in respect of NRO depended on UK house of lords decision which stood no more now. Due to NRO the exiled leadership returned to country. Democratic system was restored in the country following February, 18 general elections and the judges were reinstated due to democratic system and judiciary became independent. Kamal Azfar further said in the reply that NRO was now a history, as the case closed on the basis of solid reasons could not be reopened as per Swiss laws. The NRO review case was to come up before the court for hearing but it was adjourned till Wednesday due to death of Malik Rab Nawaz Noon advocate of SC.