ISLAMABAD - Government has ignored millions of private sector employees in the budget 2010-11 and the minimum salary should be at least rupees ten thousands, expressed private sector employees in the survey conducted by TheNation. Bashir Raza, resident of Rawalpindi and a private sector employees said that increase in the basic salaries of the government employees was nice initiative. But this will benefit mere only ten million out of one hundred and eighty million people, he said and added that the government ignored millions of private sector employees in this budget. Increase in minim wages from six thousands to seven thousands was absolutely insufficient even to run a kitchen. We were expecting rupees ten thousands as minimum salary in this budget 2010-11. The government didnt address our aspiration deliberately, he added. In this state of food price hike and high inflation, mere one thousand increase is not less than a joke, he maintained. Tahira Bibi, working as accountant with a local private company said that this budget discouraged the private sector employees. Mere than one thousand increase will not make any difference, she said and added that the important thing wass that government should make sure that its decisions were implemented by the private sector. It seems that government has failed in devising the mechanism to monitor their decisions. Despite nominal increase the private sectors employees were very sad. The fate of poor in this country seems impossible to change, she added. To meet the needs of our children, my husbands and me were working for 12 to 14 hours in a day for the last five years, she maintained. Rouf Azam, resident of Islamabad said that increase of mere one thousand in the minimum salary for private sector employees reflected the anti-poor approach of the government. It is impossible to run the household budget in rupees seven thousands. Government needs to look into its decisions. The salary should be fixed at least rupees ten thousands, he added Believe me rupees seven thousands are even insufficient to run the kitchen budget of family of five, he maintained. Noor Zia, a senior citizen said government should review its policy in budget. Since inflation is so high in the market, government should fix the minimum salary of rupees ten thousands, he said. Our forefathers made this country for us, but the present ruling regime has compelled the people specially the youth to migrate to other countries, he said adding the corruption at present is worse than ever in the history of Pakistan, merit is being ignored and the government should think twice while announcing the packages and relief, he added.