Under the direction of Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir, 02 PN Alouette have been stationed at PNS AHSAN and MAKRAN to augment relief efforts pertaining to Operation MADAD executed by Pakistan Navy. Additionally a Fokker sortie has also been conducted for relief operation at Gwadar. According to press release issued here on Monday, In the absence of road link between Ormara and Gwadar (due to damage to coastal highway) the relief goods are being embarked onboard PNS KHAIBAR at JNB for further dispatch to Gwadar. PNS KHAIBAR has delivered medicines and relief goods at Gwadar on 6 Jun 10, while PNS ZULFIQUAR has also proceeded to Gwadar AM 7 Jun to provide medicines and other relief goods. 15000 Kg relief goods have been handed over to PNS BABUR for onward dispatch to Gwadar. In addition, three Rescue / Relief Camps earlier established at Keti Bandar, Shah Bandar and Jati sectors have been shifted to Baghan and Jangu Jlbani to render all kinds of assistance including food, drinking water and medical help to the displaced people. Pakistan Navy Hovercraft, Military Assault Boats and Helicopters are being used to evacuate stranded people on small islands off Keti Bandar and elsewhere in the Creeks. Pakistan Navy is vigilant in all respects with all of its operational assets and coastal infrastructure to provide help and relief to affected populace. The collective and swift response by Pakistan Navy significantly reduced the man and material losses and catered the developing disastrous situation in an organized and professional manner. Admiral Noman Bashir has given special instructions to field Commands to render all out support to the displaced people on emergency basis. Further relief activities are being undertaken in this regard on priority basis.