SWAT Grand Qaumi Amn Jirga, Kabal, Swat tehsil, here on Sunday demanded operation against terrorists hidden in Karachi and trial of the arrested terrorists under military courts. The grand elders jirga of Kabal tehsil, the worst affected area of militancy, was held here with Sher Afzal Khan Kaptan in chair. Besides, Syed Inamur Rehman, Shershah Khan, Saifullah Khan, Feroz Shah Advocate, Ibrahim Dewalai, Karim Hadi, Zaheen Khan and many others also participated in the jirga. They after the conclusion of the jirga, addressing a press conference, alleged that in the name of Islam, the terrorists tarnished image of Islam. The terrorists, they were of the view, destroyed Swat and earned a bad name for Muslims. Suicide attacks were carried out in mosques, schools were bombed and democracy was declared a system of infidels, they said. They unanimously called for an immediate operation against the terrorists hidden in Karachi. They lauded role of Pak army for eliminating terrorists from Swat and added that for durable peace, people of Swat would continue support to the army, they said.