Ahmet Davutoglu, Minister of foreign affairs of Turkey, Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and Mahkdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi met in Istanbul here Monday. The meeting took place on the basis of the decision taken at the Third Trilateral Summit held in Ankara on April.1 2009 . The three ministers of foreign affairs underscored the importance of the Trilateral Summit Process as a useful mechanism to develop, implement and oversee cooperation in a broad range of issues including, among others, trade, economy, including support to private sector interaction, education, security and intelligence. Recalling the decision taken by the three Presidents to expand and strengthen the trilateral cooperation, they expressed their determination to take it forward. They held a comprehensive exchange of views in terms of implementation of the decisions taken in the framework of the Trilateral Summit Process. During the meeting Dr. Zalmai Rassoul provided an overview on the results of the National Consultative Peace Jirga. Upcoming Kabul Conference also came under discussion. Pakistan and Turkey reiterated their continued support for a stable, prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan. They underscored their resolve to work with Afghan government for the success of the upcoming Kabul Conference, Parliamentary elections on 18 September 2010 and for longer-term stability, reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. The three foreign ministers discussed a detailed roadmap to increased cooperation among their countries with extending their support to the Consultative Peace Jirga held in Kabul on 2-4 June 2010, They expressed their readiness to attend the Kabul Conference of 20 July and agreed to convene the Joint Working Group to contribute to the preparations of the Conference, They recommended that the fifth Trilateral Summit among the Presidents of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey be convened early next year. They strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in their countries resulting in the loss of lives. . The Ministers reiterated that terrorism is a crime against humanity and agreed to elaborate further steps to decisively counter the nexus of terrorism, extremism and narcotics. They commended Turkey's efforts to hold the Minds Platform meeting this year in implementation of the decisions of the Istanbul Statement. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and Pakistan condemned the Israeli aggression in violation of international law on the Freedom Flotilla destined for Gaza which resulted in the loss of lives and underlined their solidarity with the government and people of Turkey besides expressing their condolences to the people of Turkey and families of the victims.