Tropical Cyclone 'Phet' has entered India after reduction in air pressure while expected fall of heavy rains have impeded in Karachi and Sindh, Meteorological Department (MD) said. As per details, Phet after hitting Katy harbor and Thatta coastal areas now has turned its face towards India. Due to heavy rain in Thatta and Badin several villages submerged. It is pertinent to mention that the centre of Cyclone was Katy Harbor and coastal areas of Thatta. Atleast 38,000 people were shifted in safe areas from different coastal areas of Sindh. Keeping in view to the posing threats of Cyclone , administration had evacuated the Katy Harbor including the media persons while after hitting the shoreline of Katy Harbor has cut off the interim of heavy rains in Badin, Thatta, Mir Pur Sakro, Gharo Chaan, Bhanbhur, Katy harbor and Hyderabad. DCO Thatta has said that 38,000 people have shifted to secure areas from Katy Harbor, Gharu Jhan and Jati. Talking to the Media persons, Provincial Minister Mehtab Dhar has said that 25 relief camps while 15 in Badin have been set up in which 4,053 people are residing. Army is also busy to provide all possible facilities to the affectees. They have cleared Karachi-Thatta road near Kajgo and opened for traffic while relief items have sent to Badin, Guddan and Parani coastal areas, however, army relief activities are still continue in all Cyclone hit parts. Cyclone Phet has turned to Indian water territory, but even after passing of 28 hours still several areas of Karachi are in dark as KESC is unable to restore electricity, however, KESC sources has said that power has been provided to the major parts of the city. In some parts where roads are being flooded causing trouble for restoration of electricity while taking strict action against long disconnection of power Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has directed to KESC authorities for restoration of electricity.