PESHAWAR The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information, Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that the founder of Islamic Revolution in Iran Imam Khomeini was the great leader of this century and was a symbol of unity of the Muslim ummah. This he stated while addressing on the eve of 21st death anniversary of Imam Khumeni at Khana Farhang Iran, Peshawar, as a chief guest the other day. The function besides others was also addressed by Director General of Khana Farhang Iran Syed Muhammad Zakari, Dr Muhammad Azam Azam, Dr Adnan Sarver, Professor Abasin Yousafzai, Allama Nazir Hussain Muttahari , Maulana Sharifullah, Maulana Habibullah of Prang and highlighted the different aspects of Khomeini life and character besides his religious as well as political services and paid rich tributes to him. The Information Minister said if there was not Islamic revolution in Iran now the Muslims would have more miserable life. Before Iranian revolution, no one could expect Islamic system there, but it was the highness and sagacity and tireless struggle of Imam who made possible the impossible work, he added. Mian Iftikhar, while referring to the differences and grouping in the Muslims, maintained, after successful Iranian Revolution, the disappointed and defeated elements created the issue of Shia and Sunni so as to disband the unity of the Muslims. It is high time that the Muslims should get united and shun pity differences for the cause of Islam and foil the negative design of the enemy, he added. The Information Minister, while talking on the critical situation of the country, said, Our enemy imposed terror on us. He however said that they were the followers of Hazrat Imam Hussain who preferred martyrdom but did not bow before the evil. Similarly we would sacrifice our lives but will not bow before the terrorist and ensure the protection of this land and life property of its people at all cost, he continued. Mian Iftikhar asked the foreign forces to stop more bloodshed of the innocent humanity, as we were no more in a position to see the bloodshed of our people. He emphasised early intelligent sharing amongst Pakistan, Afghanistan and USA for complete eradication of terrorism from the society.