ISLAMABAD Availing the opportunity of weekend, a large crowed from the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad and suburbs thronged the Sindh Cultural Festival on Sunday. Jointly organised by the Sindh Department of Culture and Lok Virsa, the festival was at full swing in the evening on its third day amid the rising folk tunes in the elegantly decorated pavilion. Sindh Music Night was the main attraction on Sunday for the visitors and the specially invited guests. The waving bodies on the thrilling tunes shared their voices with the popular folk singers Mai Dhai, Taj Mastani, Raza Alan, Sanam Marvi, Allah Ditta Khaskheli and Marvel group who performed at the musical. All singers and performers received several rounds of applause during their rendition of Sindhi music. Though many could not understand the lyrics but universal language of music could convey the essence of the lyrics direct to the hearts of the audience. The core message of the lyrics was not other than the love and peace for mankind, and the humane feelings for everyone. The well attended show was a big success. Among the performing artists, Mai Dhai and Taj Mastani were the most prominent. Taj Mastani has been successfully participating in Lok Virsas musical programmes and cultural festivals for the last several years. Mai Dhai who got a unique style of singing and becoming very popular among music lovers in Sindh, is comparably a new face for the audience of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, but her brilliant performance at the musical night at Lok Virsa enthralled the audience with melodious folk tunes and colours of Mehran. The accompanying musicians were Jeram Jogi on murli or been, Ghaus Bux Brohi on flute, Akbar Khamisoo and Urs Bhatti on Alghoza and several others on dhole and other instruments, accompanied with dancers. The artists presented poetry of Shah Latif Bhitai and popular folk songs besides playing the instrumental music. Sindh has a very rich and diverse culture. People of the province seem very much committed to continue to adopt their indigenous folk heritage and musical traditions. Their love for Sufi poetry and the teachings of the renowned mystic saints like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is praiseworthy. The artists were very good in singing, dancing and performing. Their costumes were also fabulous. The organisers deserve commendation to bring such a fantastic cultural event to Islamabad; otherwise, we, the residents of Islamabad & Rawalpindi, usually do not find opportunity to witness cultural and entertainment shows promoting and projecting a particular province or a region. Now we look forward to the next event i.e. Punjab Festival which should also be good. For many it was the last chance to buy the indigenous Sindhi products available on the stalls. The visitors keen interest in the indigenous products was quite amazing. The beautifully designed, decorated and glazed Hala pottery of terracotta, the jandi wood work, handicrafts of the small industries, handmade rugs, and especially the women folks has crowded at the sussi stall to select from a range of handmade fabrics for ladies suiting.