ISLAMABAD - A lecturer of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology has sought President Asif Ali Zardaris help, being Chancellor of the University, as, according to him, he had been deliberately barred by the university administration from applying for the higher post. Imran Anwar Mir, a lecturer of the university, has levelled the allegations against the top management of the university, saying that issuance of his MS degree was being delayed deliberately by the university to stop him from applying for the post of assistant professor. He said that he has been serving in the Federal Urdu University as lecturer for the last five years. In 2007, he was enrolled in the MS programme of the university and within the defined time period of two years, he completed his course work and submitted the thesis. In the meanwhile the posts of assistant professors were advertised by the university and in order to stop me from applying for the post, as I am one of the senior faculty members of the dept, the top management of the university including head of the department, dean, registrar and vice chancellor did not conduct my viva. He had been requesting the top management to conduct his viva but they had been using lame excuses for the last four months to delay the matter. He alleged that mostly retired bureaucrats and army officers were hired by the university on contract basis, who were least bothered about such matters. He requested the President to intervene and put an end to the ongoing human rights violation in the university and help him in getting his right. The vice chancellor Dr. Mohammad Qaisar, who mostly sits in Karachi Campus of the University, when contacted said, In this matter, the Chancellor should not be involved. The student had not fulfilled the formalities, as every university has some rules and regulations. Now all the requirements have been completed so his viva would be conducted soon.