ISLAMABAD (Online) Transparency international has declared the National Highways & Motorways Police as a No.1 department at world level in transparency of all matters and corruption free organization. Transparency international also issued a report which shows that Motorway Police system has been said by more than 82% respondents to have reduced corruption, and 84% people have recommended to be implemented in all cities of Pakistan. Dr Wasim Kausar, IG NH&MP has appreciated the comments in the report issued by Transparency International for putting it an organization of international level and a corruption free department. He congratulated all the officers of NH&MP and said that they should more work hard with professionalism, devotion and help the people in distress with more courtesy, as this praise is because of the prays of the people and with the courtesy of Almighty Allah. He was addressing the all senior officers of NH&MP at Headquarters at Islamabad. He directed the officers that challaning in not our priority and it would be done as a last resort. He also said that measures should be taken to reduce the accident rate. He advised the DIG Motorways to launch a campaign to create awareness on tyre as most of the accidents on motorway in hot season are happened due to tyre burst. The DIGs of N-5 were advised to launch a campaign to maintain lane discipline on highways, as it is main cause of accidents on highways. The IG NH&MP appreciated their performance as it has been attracted at world level and desired to work hard more professionally.