ISLAMABAD The US Marines saga has hit the national media again but not for good reasons. The 'myth of covert operations of the Office of Defence Representative to Pakistan (ODR-P) seems to materialise just a few days after TheNation took up this issue. A colleague reporters investigations have revealed that Gostovo Ritschi, the prime suspect involved in the transportation of ammunition-laden vehicle which was apprehended from the jurisdiction of Margalla Police Station, Islamabad, on Saturday last, is a US military official who was trading heavy weaponry without taking due approval from any competent authority. The US Embassys Spokesperson, as usual, has expressed ignorance about the issue. It is noteworthy that the US Embassy has publicly admitted that all the Marines present in Pakistan are assigned to ODR-P. In a clarification issued in response to TheNations story dated May 26 last, the US Embassy for the first time had stated to admit: There are approximately 200 US military personnel in Pakistan - all assigned to ODR-P. In the same statement, the US Embassy had refuted TheNations findings that the ODR-P Marines were involved in covert activities, saying that the 'small contingent of US military personnel was actually providing training to Pakistans security forces. After the Saturdays incident, there is left no room to even speculate about the motives of the ODR-Ps personnel or US Marines here, as the incident itself is a stark confirmation of the vicious US agenda in the garb of training programmes and humanitarian aid. All this 'fishy affair that previously was somehow covert, is now clearly making mockery of Pakistans sovereignty. Given that the US Embassy confirms that all the US military personnel in Pakistan are assigned to ODR-P, the fact stands beyond any doubt that Gostovo Ritschi represents ODR-P and his unlawful activities are patronised by the omnipotent US Embassy and security agencies.