LAHORE – Greed often plays a role in bringing down the moral of rapidly rising nations so that the progress in paralysed in mid-step, said renowned economist Dr Rafiq Ahmad on Tuesday. While addressing a seminar titled “Growing population, increasing unemployment and role of media” held at Hamid Nizami Press Institute, Dr Rafiq Ahmad said that some economists were of the view that nation progress was connected with passion.

He opined that problems related to politics and economic were on the top of the list in the present era. He added that the country’s reins were handed over to incapable persons and their wrong policies caused an end to progress. Dr Rafiq said that it would not have been a matter of concern if the population was growing in the availability of huge resources, however, with the minimum available resources, it has certainly become worrying. He stressed the need for the establishment of technical institutes in order to produce skilled workers, so that they could become useful citizens in the future.

Commenting on the role of media, he said that media can play pivotal role in creating awareness among the masses in this regard but unfortunately it was ignoring its duty and focusing more on political programs instead of concentrating on bringing awareness of the masses.

Addressing the seminar, senior policy analyst Syed Mowahid Hussain said that unemployment was putting a negative impact on the society because it may result in creating depression and promoting use of drugs among the youth. Referring to a research conducted in 35 Islamic countries, he said that it was the need of the hour to concentrate on maintaining quality life and focus on eliminating unemployment.

He said that such political leaders who were raising slogan of change have also welcomed notorious landlords and peers in their parties. He said that talk shows on media were only creating noise instead of providing knowledge while TV channels were inciting quarrels and fiery exchanges amongst the leaders.

Muwahid Hussain further added that Quaid-e-Azam was a big example for us as he fought against the English rule in the sub continent and opposed the All India Congress on the basis of his courage and boldness which were part of his personality traits like capability and honesty. He said that self accountability was very rare in all the segments of the society in Pakistan and all the political leaders blame each other for the follies. Director General Population Welfare Department Qaisar Saleem said that Pakistan had been ranked sixth among the most populous countries of the world and would become the 5th most populated country in next 23 years. He said that previously population of Bangladesh was higher than Pakistan but they had succeeded to control it and now their population is lesser than ours. Prof. Dr Qais Aslam and former Secretary Information Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Omer Sarfraz Cheema, also spoke on the occasion.