ISLAMABAD - Since establishment of PEMRA complaints call centre (0800-73672) in December 2011, the viewers have registered 2,156 complaints/suggestions regarding TV channels; cable TV networks and FM radio stations via telephonic, website, fax and email.

According to a statement issued on Tuesday, out of 2,156 complaints, 875 complaints/suggestions pertain to TV channels particularly relating to the content being relayed. PEMRA has uploaded data regarding these complaints/suggestions on its website. Interested individuals can visit the link for viewing details. The complaints pertaining to different TV channels against their programmes/contents have also been forwarded to the respective channels.

PEMRA has fulfilled its pledge made to public to take up their suggestions, ideas, complaints etc. to its licensees enabling them to correct or review their programmes/content.

PEMRA resolved that the practice of publicising complaints data would continue as a routine regulatory feature.