LAHORE – The masses should launch a movement against those who are turning blind to Indian conspiracies of blocking Pakistan’s water effectively turning the country into a desert.

This was suggested by speakers at a seminar on “Indian Water Aggression”, organised by TheNation, Nawa-e-Waqt and Waqt News at Hameed Nizami Hall here on Tuesday.

PTI leader Omer Sarfraz Cheema, Water Council Director Rabia Sultan, LCCI Pakistan Water Front member Abdul Basit and Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki expressed their views at the seminar. The speakers unanimously appointed that enemies of the country were hidden in its own ranks and had been creating hindrance in developing Pakistan’s water resources including the most important Kalabagh Dam.

Speaking at the seminar, Omer Cheema was of the view that no conspiracy against a country or nation could be succeeded if there would be a wise leadership and unity among the people. But Pakistan lacked honest leadership and was plagued by corrupt rulers whose priorities were only to plunder money and flee. Cheema held that the time has now come for the people to unite against the corrupt rulers and politicians and bring a real revolution to secure the future of the country.

Rabia Sultan said that India besides building dams on Pakistani rivers was also pursuing Afghanistan to construct dams on Kabul River. She expressed concern over Indian water aggression and rulers` indifference to the issue, calling for construction of water reservoirs and launching hydel power projects to save agriculture in the country. Abdul Basit said the people should raise an effective voice against Indian water aggression. He said the foreign powers were spending Rs15 billions annually to stop the construction of KBD.

Hafiz Makki, rejected the Indus water treaty on the basis that the treaty had been signed by a former dictator instead of a public representative. He added that it was the first conspiracy to turn the agriculture land of Pakistan into a desert.

“Kashmir, a prime of sources of our water which was termed jugular vein of Pakistan by the founder of Pakistan is under Indian occupation but Musharraf after 9/11 had named the Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists,” he regretted.

A united movement, he stressed, was the need of the hour to counter the conspiracies of inside and outside enemies of Pakistan.