People from different walks of life in Azad Jammu & Kashmir flayed India for rusticating and booking 67 Kashmiri students of a university in Utter Pradesh for celebrating the victory of Pakistan over India in the Asia Cup Cricket match played in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

These eminent icons of the diverse segments of the civil society termed it a very shameful and undemocratic act on the part of India, which claimed to be the biggest democracy and most tolerant society in the world. At the same time, they appreciated Pakistan for condemning the Indian act and offering admissions to the rusticated students in Pakistan.

Expressing strong reaction to the Indian action, Kashmiri politician Justice (Retd) Abdul Majeed Mallick said that it was very unfortunate. Talking to this correspondent, Mr Mallick, the president of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League and former chief justice of AJK High Court, said that in civilised societies, such reaction were never noticed and or left as nothing had happened.

“It shows that the Indian government is severely biased against the freedom-loving people of Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan as no occasion is left without giving punishment for pro-Pakistan sympathy and affection and seeking freedom from India,” he observed. He described it as a brute action of Indian authorities and termed it inhuman.

Strongly condemning the Indian action, PML-N AJK Central Secretary General Shah Ghulam Qadir said that India left no occasion ever to subject the Kashmiris of her immoral, unwarranted and inhuman action like the rustication of dozens of Kashmiri students under mutiny charges.

Qadir, also a former speaker of AJK Legislative Assembly, said, “Such undemocratic and immoral acts of Indian authorities have unveiled the true face of Indian democracy and traditional hatred and enmity which she (India) has for the Kashmiris who too have not ever accepted India,” he observed.

Qadir said that India should have showed sportsman spirit acknowledging the fact that one team loses and the other wins in any of the sport game and no any sanction could be imposed upon the feelings of the lovers of any of the team. He underlined that in fact by celebrating the victory of Pakistan, the Kashmiri students expressed their love and affection since theirs and those of the people of Pakistan beat in unison.

He said, “The action is the eye opener for the supporters and campaigners of “Aman Kee Aasha” like drives. To a question, he appreciated the offer by Pakistan’s foreign office to the Kashmiri students to have admission in Pakistani institutions.  “No doubt the hearts and the educational institutions of Pakistan are always open for the Kashmiri students as declared by the Pakistani foreign office spokesperson on Wednesday,” he said.

Prominent among other Kashmiri leaders who vehemently condemned the Indian act included Kashmir Watch International, a UK-based Human rights outfit, Chairman Mir Muhammad Siddiq Khawaja, Markazi Anjuman Tajran Mirpur Central President Sohail Shujah Mujahid, Raja Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Nawaz Ratyal and Raja Zaffar Maharoof.