ISLAMABAD - In a bid to facilitate the Chinese investors in Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has constituted a special cell in Prime Minister Secretariat tasking it to ensure that bureaucracy may not create hurdles in various projects, which are likely to be kicked off in Pakistan shortly.

“Facilitate the foreign investors as much as possible. We need to gain trust of foreign investor at any cost. Any lapse on part of bureaucracy would not be tolerated,” one of the key officials of the PM Secretariat told The Nation quoting the letter issued by the secretariat.

Sources close to Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the Premier wants the concerned people in Pakistan to take full benefit of historic investment package of $32 billion by China in Pakistan. Keeping in view the attitude and delaying tactics of country’s civil bureaucracy, Sharif has constituted a cell in Prime Minister Secretariat to make sure bureaucracy may not sabotage Chinese investment in Pakistan.

According to highly placed sources, the letter has recently been issued by the Prime Minister Secretariat to Establishment Division directing the concerned officials to make no stone unturned for smooth sailing of investment package of $32 billion by China in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have mentioned it at several occasion that foreign investment of $32 billion will give an upward push to country’s economy and ensure new job opportunities for Pakistanis especially the youth.

According to officials, the letter added that irresponsible and casual attitude of civil servants would not be endured and best performing civil servants should be rewarded. The letter added civil servants were working for the development of country and their role was important in providing services to the citizens, hence hard-working government officers deserved to be compensated adequately.

The Prime Minister secretariat letter added that China was a truthful and dependable ally of Pakistan and had stood by it in every moment of necessitates. He said that China had also helped Pakistan and its people in the times of emergency including earthquake, flood or any other natural disaster.

The letter directed that Pakistan would be rid of load-shedding and darkness and put on the road to progress and development with the cooperation of China and the expectations of Chinese government would be fulfilled during there function in Pakistan.

The letter further stated that announcement of the investment package of $32 billion for the next seven years was a big achievement of the government and the expected investor would be facilitated during their arrival in Pakistan. It is also directed that work would be carried out round the clock on the projects to be implemented with the cooperation of China and energy and infrastructure projects would be completed expeditiously.